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Member Exclusive Clubs



Club members are active FRIENDS membership exclusive groups. You will need to be a FRIENDS member to join the Club team. You will then have  access to events, organized by the club and approved by the outreach team. The Club can also host public or Membership only events as well as internal club events.


The club program can design events. Each event must follow guidelines set forth and submit an event plan with dates, time, location & registration limit. It must include event announcement/image content for the website.

If recurring, all dates must be approved in advance and registered to the FLANWR Event calendar to insure no conflicts exist.


  • Newly formed member clubs must define a club mission that ties to one of the USFWS priority initiatives. And be approved by the FRIENDS membership Committee.

USFWS priority initiatives 
 Hunting Environmental Education
 Fishing Interpretation
 Wildlife Observation Climate Change
 Photography Habitat Conservation
  • Providing an annual calendar of events will insure dates are available.
  • Member clubs must have a leader and an assist for all events.
  • Safety review must be created and presented at the beginning of each event.
  • Leaders/assistants must do a checkin at the start and a checkout at the end to insure all participants are accounted for.
  • While the club can have unlimited members, most events must be limited to 12. Major events are subject to review of the limit based on location.
  • The club should end at the Visitor Center and do a wrap-up of what was experienced. (also in close proximity to the Nature Store;) A brief summary and any interesting photos should be shared with the leader. Content must be with credit permission form or email statement.
  • Clubs are ENCOURAGED to submit articles to the newsletter often!
  • Leaders must sign a volunteer form. 
  • All photographs uploaded to the website must have copyright permissions to use and credits identified. A blanket Release form may be used by Club authors.  


Wild Spaces Photography Club

LEADER: Ruben Torres

FORUM  Meetings planned for Jan/2024. Bring suggestions on Club name!

PROFILE: Have the club photograph the refuge throughout the year. This could have organized events and individual components. Aligning it with the Jan 12 - Mar 27 National Wildlife Photo Contest, the club would have photos to enter+ FLANWR would create a calendar to be sold at the Nature store.

Biking Club (name pending)

LEADER: Mark Salvatore

PROFILE and planned events pending 

FORUM Meetings planned 2024. Bring suggestions on Club name!

PROFILE: Plan small group trips to refuge areas of varying difficulty levels. Host public events for FRIENDS.

Birding Club (name pending)


FORUM  Spring season. 

PROFILE: Regular bird tours for club members. Can host public and members to solicit club participation.

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