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Life on the Refuge

A collection of Videos by Richard Moore, Valley Nature Films, LLC

Richard is an exceptionally talented documentarian and a valued FRIEND of the Refuge and FRIENDS. 
We thank you for your time & talent all theses years.

You can find his material for sale at the Nature Store. 

Avian Extrovert

The Great Kiskadee is one of the more vocal and colorful birds found throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Look for them near ponds, hunting for their next meal of insects.

Winter Treat

Many of us provide bird seed for our feathered friends, but nature also provides a bounty, even in winter. See what's happening in the tasajillo cactus in this video from Richard.

Laguna's Vibrant Orioles

South Texas has many colorful birds and at least six of those are orioles. This new video from Richard Moore introduces you to each them. How many will you find on your next visit to Laguna Atascosa?

Laguna s White Pelican

White Pelicans are large, graceful birds who return to the Rio Grande Valley annually. Find out more about them in this video from Richard Moore

Laguna s Outlandish Oystercatchers

If you have ever tried to open an oyster you know what a challenge it can be, even with a proper knife. The rare American Oystercatcher's specialized bill helps it secure it's meal...most of the time. Learn more in the video.

Laguna s Rare Visitor Remains

Rare bird sightings in the Rio Grande Valley are a birder's dream. But some birds spark the attention of more than just birders. The flamingo recently found at Laguna Atascosa is just one example.

Green Jay, Jewel of Laguna Atascosa

One of the most colorful birds in the Rio Grande Valley is our Green Jay. These noisy birds are found in familial flocks and feed on a wide variety of insects, fruits and small vertebrates. Look - and listen - for them at Laguna Atascosa.

Laguna's Fabulous Fall Migration

Twenty-two inches of rain during May, June and July (typically very dry) has set the stage for an amazing fall migration of waterfowl and other wildlife. The lakes are full and have abundant plant life to welcome thousands of our feathered friends.

Laguna Black Beauty

One of the most beautiful snakes at Laguna Atascosa is the Texas Indigo. Learn more about this beneficial snake from Richard Moore.

Valley of the Butterflies

The Rio Grande Valley is home to some of the most colorful and rare butterflies in the United States. Richard shares some great footage of these beauties.

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